Social Welfare

a, Faith in Health
b, Charity Collections
c, Health Promotions 


Faith in Health

Faith in Health, in partnership with NHS in Salisbury, aims to create awareness in the community of the health services available to them.

Working in partnership with the local health authority as well as other organisations, projects and services, it organises a range of events and initiatives which create access to the numerous different health services available to the community.

Charity Collections

The mosque regularly facilitates charity collections for a wide variety of good causes, especially in the month of Ramadan. It also arranging to hosts an Islamic Relief clothes bank through which many tones of clothes have been donated.

Health Promotions

The Muslim Association of Salisbury works with health promotion groups, hospitals and health authorities to promote better health and healthy living.

It is also encouraging local schools and hospitals to provide Halal meat and Poultry for the Muslims.